Top 10 Trading Tips for Aspiring Traders2 min read

Top 10 Trading Tips for Aspiring Traders

These Trading Tips which I have shared with you are from my own trading experience, these will help you to take an informed decision.

Tip #1

Always use SL(Stop Loss) in your trades, it will help you to fight another day in the market or you’ll get liquidated(lose your funds).

Tip #2

Never wait for much big profit in news based trades, with time news fades and you will be at loss.

Note: Always check the authenticity of the News(it should come from a verified source)

Tip #3

Always use less leverage in “futures” trades, you will not become a millionaire overnight, just like no one else in the past.

High leverage = More Risk = Fast Liquidation

Tip #4

Always use a small portion i.e. 10% of your portfolio in your single trade be it in spot or futures trading, rest of your portfolio will help you fight another day if you book loss the previous day or current trade.

Tip #5

Don’t get emotionally attached to any crypto or stock (if any crypto or stock gave you profits once doesn’t mean it will give profits again). Emotions will drive your trade decisions towards losses.

Tip #6

Use high leverage in futures trade only and only when you are 110% sure about that trade you are going to open.

Your own Research/Analysis is a MUST

Tip #7

Don’t do quantity trades, always do quality trades(after good analysis). It will give you safe profits.

Tip #8

If you are new to trading, always start with a very little or limited portfolio because you are learning and new in trading.

Market Volatility can drive your emotions which can result in losses.

Tip #9

Always use those funds which you can afford to lose because after all its financial market anything can happen.

NOTE: Don’t use all your life savings or borrow money for trading.


Before taking any new trade first check Market stability and Market Sentiments. 

Tip #11

Always trade or invest in well-researched (DYOR) coin, token, or stocks. Don’t buy shit coins or stocks(which don’t have any real-life use case). Good coins/tokens have a good real-life use case.

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